Our services


  • To establish educational centers and institutions for weaker and disadvantaged people to impart education and service for the people with special emphasis on the education of women and children which promote all round human development through special training skills.
  • To work towards the abolishment of child labour in industries.
  • To enable the people to avail the benefits offered by the government and non government organizations by making them aware of these programs and by functioning as the implementing agency for the schemes introduced by the departments of state and central government.
  • To give marriage assistance to poor and downtrodden women.
  • To motivate people to form self-help groups and co-operative societies and encourage them to identify and utilize the locally available resources for their development and that of the community.
  • To work for the upliftment of the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes and to work for their overall development and welfare.
  • To do all other acts and deeds which are incidental to the aims and objectives of the Trust